The Master’s University reaches maximum View Weekend attendance – By Caleb Lacefield


The Master’s University admissions staff closed registration early for their Fall semester View Weekend—a chance for prospective students to experience life at Master’s—as all available room was filled to capacity.

  About 120 students and 65 parents signed up, maxing out the available Student Leadership Staff (SLS) that prospects stay with, before the Admissions office closed registration. Master’s experienced a significant jump from last year’s numbers when only 78 people attended.

   “Our counselors have worked really hard to convince these students why it’s worthwhile,” said Madison Currie, the Director of Admissions. “If they’re looking for a Christian education and a place where they can grow in community, we know that they’ll be sold on a weekend here. We thought it was really important to push that hard this year, and we’re seeing the benefits.” Continue reading “The Master’s University reaches maximum View Weekend attendance – By Caleb Lacefield”

“You Can’t Take It With You” a Success – by Mathilda Burton


Opening night of “You Can’t Take it With You,” The Master’s University theater team were able to express the fruits of their labor.

“You Can’t Take it With You” is a classic comedy about a dysfunctional family. One of the leads, Alice, is engaged to be married to a young man from a wealthy and altogether ordinary family—at least he is ordinary compared to her family. This engagement brings her joy and trepidation, as she considers the impact her family will make upon her fiance’s family. A disastrous family meeting ends with both sides of the family spending the night in jail, and a broken engagement. Alice packs her things to leave, but is stopped by an interesting exchange between her grandfather and the father of her ex-fiancé. These two men discuss what is really important in life. Not money or success, but life, family and fun. The families reunite, the engagement is reinstated, and the curtain falls.

This play differs from the theater department’s’ previous production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” which was completely sold out for all showings. While “Fiddler on the Roof” may be considered a tough act to follow, this play was definitely a hit. Continue reading ““You Can’t Take It With You” a Success – by Mathilda Burton”

Political Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Donald Trump Among TMU Students – By Nathan Parsons


An anonymous political poll of 87 Hotchkiss Hall residents on Oct. 25-26 revealed an overwhelming amount of support from the student body of The Master’s University for Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential race, especially when compared to his rival, Hillary Clinton.

When given the choice between voting for Clinton, Trump or a third party candidate, 78 percent of students said they plan on backing Trump on Nov. 8. Twenty-one percent said they plan to vote for a third party, while a paltry 1 percent said they will be voting for Clinton.

The results grew even starker on the second question. If forced to choose exclusively between Clinton or Trump, 91% of students said they would choose the Republican nominee.

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Brandon and Goliath – By Gaby Colón


vanhorn-brandonBrandon Van Horn was stretching between the dugout and home plate. He was at bat next for the 1,000th time in his career and the first in his senior year. There was a man on first. Swing. Hit. Foul. And a second strike for the batter before him. A drop of sweat edged from Van Horn’s hairline to his right temple and slid down his cheek. He looked over at the man on first then looked at the floor. As he lifted his chin to watch the next pitch he brought his arms in front of his chest and leaned his shoulders to opposite sides. Swing. Hit. Double. A man on second and third.

“Up next for the Mustangs is senior shortstop, #25 Brandon Van Horn,” revealed the young announcer as Van Horn power walked to the plate.

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Back on the Track – By Jonathan Wais

ingoldsby-rachaelThe pistol cracked on the afternoon of April 28, signaling Rachael Ingoldsby and the six other women to begin the 3000m Steeplechase at the 2016 GSAC Championships. Ingoldsby raced into the wind, clearing each hurdle as it came. Then she felt her right knee slam into a hurdle. It hurt, but she kept running.

A few laps from the finish line, an opposing runner pulled even with Ingoldsby. Both girls ran stride for stride approaching the eight-foot water jump. They leaped and pushed off the hurdle. The other girl face planted in the water but Ingoldsby landed on her feet kept and running—leaving the past behind and focusing on what lay ahead.

Ingoldsby ran her first 3000m Steeplechase for The Master’s College at Occidental Distance Carnival on March 11, 2015. She clocked 11:40.15 and came eight seconds short of the “B” standard she needed to qualify for the 2015 NAIA National Championships.

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Theatre Arts rehearsing for Fiddler on the Roof – By Kailey Richardson


Twirling dancers. Jumping feet. Tales told in melodious harmonies. Spotlights and stages. This is the magic of musicals. This spring, The Master’s College welcomes back a full musical for the first time in 17 years. Director Tricia Hulet, along with her co-directors James Phillipps and Elisa Adams, will be putting on the classic, Fiddler on the Roof.

The show has a special place in Hulet’s heart as it is the first show she was a part of during her time as a student at TMC. It was also during her time that the theatre program got shut down until she returned as a faculty member and rebooted it.

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A women’s camping trip in 2016? – By Desiree Teichroeb


When mid-November comes, The Master’s College men look forward to their annual Men’s Camping Trip. Promotion across campus includes setting up a campfire outside the cafeteria: the smoky scent drawing men to sign up for a weekend in the woods. Annual events on the trip include cooking over an open fire, hatchet throwing contests and sleeping under the stars.

As the stories from the men’s trip circulate, women on TMC’s campus wonder about the possibility of beginning a women’s camping trip.

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TMCprobz: The school’s student-driven Instagram presence – By Gabrielle Colón


“It kind of started as a joke,” TMCprobz creator says. Almost 650 followers and 107 posts later, it is a hit.

Instagram accounts for comedic commentary on campus affairs have grown in popularity at The Master’s College over the past couple of years and students and faculty seem to be taking a particular liking to this one.

Master’s sophomore Jordan Hargrove thinks TMCprobz stands out because “they’re relatable and they take suggestions from people.”

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Lui’s Hotchstitch a hit – By Samantha Dick

From Smith Smoothies to the recently launched Hotchstitch, the entrepreneurial spirit runs high at The Master’s College. Students are becoming increasingly creative and successful at meeting the needs of their peers. Most recently, Fall Thing was the buzz of the campus, and freshman communication major, Jenna Lui, found a way to bring in clients for her new sewing company, Hotchstitch.

Hotchstitch is a sewing company that I started in September. I think it was the week after WOW [Week of Welcome] week,” says Lui. “I saw that there was a need for sewing and for someone to fix things within Hotchkiss at least. I figured I have my sewing machine, so I might as well fulfill that need and make a few bucks off of it if I can.”

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