Skateboarders laying tracks across campus – By Hailey Vittrup

Your alarm clock goes off once again, but this time you look to see what time it is. As you read the time on the clock, you start to panic. It’s 7:50 a.m. on the day of your Old Testament Survey 1 midterm. As you race to get out the door of your dorm room, you grab your skateboard, a Plan B skateboard you got for your last birthday. You smile as you ride to North Campus, and make it just in time to take your test.

Over the last couple of years, skateboarding has become more popular at The Master’s College and the number of people who ride skateboards to class has increased. “Why is this?” The answer lies in the thoughts of the skateboarders themselves.

“I like skateboarding because it’s not only a fun way to get to class; it’s efficient too. I can go with one push as far as it would take someone to walk 14 steps, and five times as fast,” said Stevie Noch, one of the RA’s of Hotchkiss men this year.

How popular is skateboarding among the woman students at The Master’s College? It is not as popular as it is among the men right now, but some students hope that this will change in the future. This year, more girls have been seen skateboarding around campus than in years past, specifically a few girls in Sweazy Hall.

“…Skateboarding at Master’s has been amazing because the boarders here share in the culture, but also have a passion for Jesus,” said junior transfer student Trudi Radke. “It’s the best parts of skate culture minus the negatives. I definitely wish more girls were in the culture though. Give Master’s a couple more semesters and I feel like the Sweazy ladies will represent…”

Recently in chapel, Pete Bargas, the associate dean of student life, made an announcement about storing skateboards in a more organized fashion.

“The school has been relatively accommodating to skateboarders… Bargas even mentioned the possibility of adding skateboarding racks outside classrooms,” said sophomore Canon Baldridge.

Skateboarding may just seem like a mode of transportation, but to those who love it, it is so much more. It is even a way for roommates to hang out. An example of this is Troy Anderson and his roommate, Zach Harris.

“I think it’s a great opportunity as a community within Master’s to have a certain commonality to bond over, and use it as a method to spend time with each other, allowing for our relationships to be grown,” Anderson said.

Besides being a common bond among those who love skateboarding, it can also be a teaching tool.

“Sometimes when you skateboard, you fall down. But it’s like character building, and it’s a test to see if you’ll get back on the skateboard and hold your head high, despite whatever humiliation you may have felt. I recently fell and scraped my back… [and] was bleeding. So, I skated to the nurse and got some gauze on it, then skated to class,” Noch said.

By Haliey Vittrup

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