Alumni moms gather for TMC’s first Park Day event – By Jessicah Lim

Park Day

Shayna Anderson, Alumni Relations Coordinator for The Master’s College (TMC), welcomed local TMC alumni moms to join her at Valencia Heritage Park on Friday, Feb. 13 from 11:30 A.M. – 2 P.M. The play-date provided a time for mothers to build relationships while the children work their wiggles out. Warm sunshine and conversations filled the air as the attending moms enjoyed a break from their daily routines.

Three young mothers arrived with their children and snacks in tow. The sun shone brightly, but the women took refuge at a shady table as they got acquainted. Although the mothers who attended were all TMC graduates, they were largely unfamiliar with one another, sharing only the common bond of their alma mater.

Anderson said, “[My goal is] to build camaraderie and foster relationships through the college.” She stays busy planning events for the Alumni and enjoys providing opportunities for the alumni to stay connected to TMC. The park-play date facilitated this goal well, as the attending moms were all searching for similarly minded friends

Jessie Sanchez, TMC alumna and mother of 19-month-old Eden, jumped at the chance to build new relationships. “ … My husband is the associate pastor at a very small church and so there aren’t any other young mothers. Eden is the only baby in the nursery, so this [park day] is a great opportunity.” Said Sanchez, “I don’t have many mommy friends; this is a weird stage of life. I want to build relationships with women in the same stage of life and mindset as me.”

The other moms who attended the park day felt the same way as Sanchez, soaking up opportunities to develop friendships with fellow alumni. Alik Lin and her husband attend nearly all of the alumni events and sporting events. “Any chance to meet other believers in the valley is a plus,” Lin said.

The women seemed to enjoy the afternoon as they built relationships over the lunches they had packed while keeping their little ones out of trouble.

Anderson planned and executed a fitting event for the young mothers as they expressed desires to escape the house and spend time with similar-minded women. “I love mom times, I love the park, it’s fun!” said Lin. Lin also shared that for mommies of little ones, events during the day are far more convenient than those in the evening.

Anderson’s desires matched the moms’ enthusiasm as they agreed they would be love to be a part of future park play-dates similar to this one. The alumni park play-date was a success, fulfilling Anderson’s goals and meeting the mother’s desires for fellowship and a break from life’s daily routine.

By Jessicah Lim

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