“Tambourines & Roller-skates” takes over CDub — By Taylor Patrick


On Monday nights the third floor lounge in C.W. Smith Residence Hall (CDub) is taken over by the creative members of the newly started Art Society called, Tambourines & Roller-skates. Their purpose? To express individuality through the use of various artistic mediums.

Tambourines & Roller-skates began on The Master’s College campus in February after junior Taylor Brooks, the founder, ironed out the final logistics.

“There’s no place or classroom to express creative ability and I know a lot of creative people,” Brooks said. “So I thought why not open up a place where people can come be creative together.”

This society meets every Monday at 7 p.m. in CDub to work on various art projects and crafts. Group members also plan to host design workshops such as a flower crown workshop toward the end of February.

Each meeting is different, but throughout the spring semester members will choose three themes from a list including: nature, travel, chaos and monochromatic, etc. and express them with any medium.

For example, on Monday, Feb. 9 the meeting revolved around creating Valentine’s Day cards for friends. The tables were scattered crafting materials such as colorful paper, scissors, paint, thread and leaves.

The third floor lounge smells of coffee and displays creativity on Monday nights, while the members create and design in a relaxing environment.

“Mondays are always a drag and having this to look forward to is great,” said TMC freshman Deenie Hutchinson.

This society, while new to The Master’s College, is striking a chord.

“Meeting new people and seeing how they express themselves is unique,” Hutchinson said.

The society hopes to host an art gallery in May to display the compilation of each member’s work.

By Taylor Patrick

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