Those little white strips of paper — By Keylin Portillo

CafAs The Master’s College students hungrily settled for dinner in their seats of the Mustang Grille on February 4th, they were greeted by long, white strips of paper laid across the tables by members of Bon Appetit Management Company. To familiarize the students with the cafeteria policy, the information was planted directly before them.

“If you get a to-go box, please do not eat your food in the cafeteria” the white strips demanded. During lunch and dinner of Feb. 4 and 5, students devoured their meals as they glanced past the usual white strips while others paid no attention to them.

These strips of paper are printed at the beginning of each semester by Leonardo Reyes, the General Manager of Bon Appetit. This idea was a major initiative of his, and continues to be one he presents to the student body every semester.

Eight years ago, the school management realized the necessity for this policy. As the student body increased, it posed a problem for the capacity of individuals allowed in the cafeteria. Reyes, along with others noticed the way the cafeteria overflowed with students during lunch and dinner, therefore, to make good use of the allotted space, to-go boxes were created.

These boxes were originally sold to the students in an attempt to cover the costs incurred. However, as time passed, they became available for free. With this option, students were able to eat their meals outside and were able to better accommodate their busy schedules.

However, over the years, students have taken advantage of the system. Instead of taking the boxes and eating the food outside the cafeteria, many eat their meals in these boxes, inside of the cafeteria, defeating the original intent for them. This poses many problems for the management team.

“The college sees it as more money to pay for boxes. This also means more trash, more rats, more ants and more work for the employees. We want to be aware of the way it affects the environment,” Reyes said.

Because of this, he continually makes the effort to present the policy to the student body.

It needs to be continually introduced every semester, as it is easy for them to disregard these announcements.

“I had never noticed those pieces of paper were placed on the table until now,” said TMC junior Tim Simon, a current on-campus student.

Although small, this policy presents a solution that eliminates costs, rats, ants and extra work for the employees as Reyes mentioned.

By Keylin Portillo

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