Q & A: TMC senior Nicoleas Mayne — By Katie Barton

MayneNicoleas Mayne, a political studies senior at The Master’s College, slips on a suit jacket and looks in the mirror before taking a seat on the bed in his dorm room. He has a Skype interview scheduled with a reporter who wants his opinion on pay per click ads for new corporate websites.

Since 2012, Mayne, founder of Mayne Marketing, has worked with a variety of clients to develop marketing strategies that employ modern techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and link building. In 2014, he co-authored “Market Me,” a book that explores online marketing outlets and informs businesses of the new trends in the marketing industry.

In the fall, Mayne will begin his graduate school life – at Harvard Law.

I sat down with Mayne and got his thoughts on his book, career plans and the future of marketing.

You’re a senior in college with a marketing company. Would you tell us about your work experience and how you got started?

I started my marketing business in 2012, after an internship in marketing for a project that was funded by the Canadian federal government. At first, I targeted attorneys, as a learning experience, because I want to work in law. It grew a lot bigger than that, and now I’ve worked in oil and gas, and with lawyers, real estate companies, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Basically, anyone who’s in an obscure market where online marketing is important, but not always done well.

What inspired you to write “Market Me?”

I have a couple clients, especially a few in the oil and gas industry, that don’t know what they’re doing or how to analyze the effectiveness of what I do. I wanted to give people like that a base, so that at the very least they can analyze if they’re getting ripped off by marketing personnel. I also wanted them to begin to do things themselves and supplement the efforts of their marketing department.

What was your vision for the book?

I wanted it to be something I could distribute to clients. I wanted to create a better knowledge of some of the ways that marketing is changing and ways that business need to change to keep up.

My hope was not really to sell millions of copies, but just to have it as a comprehensive resource that I could point people to. I felt like I was constantly explaining the same things over and over again to the clients I worked with, using up a lot of time. “Market Me” is something I can give to a client and say ‘hey read this and then let’s work together.’

What makes “Market Me” unique?

It’s basically a book on modern marketing strategies, but written for the average business owner who’s going into it with little or no knowledge of how to market his or her business. It’s co-authored with some of the industry’s leading experts on a variety of topics.

It’s unique because it’s written by marketing professionals for business owners so they can do it themselves, not by marketing professionals for marketing professionals so businesses will hire them or for business so they know they need to hire a marketing professional. I want businesses to implement it themselves and then see where they may need to bring someone in to support them later down the line.

You were recently admitted to Harvard Law School. How does marketing relate to a law career?

Marketing is everything in a law career. It’s how you get your clients through the door and then you have to market your case to a jury, judge or a party to settle. Law is all about knowing how to market yourself and market your clients. That’s how you make it in the business. Being able to bring in clients no matter what space of the law you’re in is just the first step. Once you secure them, you have to market the concerns of your clients to the courts or outside parties.

What advice would you give to fellow college students who are interested in a marketing or writing career?

I think one of the most important things to know is that you’re going to have to work with clients that can be very specific about what they want. Sometimes they’re even wrong about the things that will be best for them. You really have to learn to compromise and set aside your pride and your knowledge of what you do to make your clients happy, while still going above and beyond to make sure that they’re successful. Marketing is so results based. I’d say the key for anyone wanting to go into marketing is to learn as much as possible and take projects where you can grow. Those will open doors to more and better opportunities.

For students interested in writing a book, I’d say be aware that it’s a lot more to take on than you initially think. When I wrote my book, I hoped to have 10 co-authors help me out, and I ended up with four or five. We initially targeted to be done by the end of July, but we weren’t done until mid October-maybe later. It’s a lot of push back from editors. It’s a lot of people not meeting deadlines. A lot of you not meeting deadlines. It can be pretty stressful.

I’d say that people just need to realize there’s a lot more to it than just putting words down on paper. There’s a lot that goes into it, even from a publishing aspect. You have to produce a book cover and put everything together into the right format. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of people.

Do you have any plans for another book in the future?

I think so. I definitely need to take a break because it was a big project. I think that eventually publishing within my new sphere as I go on to law will be another way that I can market myself and my services to people. That may manifest itself during law school, as far as writing on journals or law review or something like that. Beyond that, publishing books in the area of law that I work in or anything that I feel is relevant. I never want to write a book about something that has been done before, because it’s so much time and effort. If I don’t feel it contributes value, then I don’t want to do it. But I think there will come a time when I’m able to take on a project like that again and I look forward to it.

By Katie Barton

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