Anderson’s pursuit of success extends beyond basketball — By Stacey Schuett

As a young boy, Korey Anderson chased success. A basketball player for The Master’s College, Anderson was recently named Capital One All-American Athlete signifying recognition of his hard work. But for Anderson the pursuit of success never ends. It continues to define him, halfway through his senior year.

Receiving the Capital One All-American Athlete honor means that Anderson is one of 816 distinguished student-athletes in their prospective leagues. To Anderson, it means something more. It is about having his potential realized and maximizing what he knows he can achieve.

Both basketball and school have been at the forefront of Anderson’s mind for the past three-and-a-half years. Finding the balance between sports, academics and social life is something he has learned.

“I had two priorities since I am a student-athlete. I am a student first. So whenever I wasn’t in practice I was probably doing homework.” Anderson said. “Academically, my parents didn’t push it on me to have good grades. They just said ‘do your best’ and I took that as, ‘Ok well my parents expect me to do this.’ and I just did. It was more self-willed than anything.”

That same self-will has helped Anderson through some difficult times. It has not been an easy road. For the past four years he has been battled a severe foot injury that has kept him from the court.

“I know he has battled through a lot of injuries, and he battled through injuries a lot more this year.” said Chris Patureau, a friend and teammate of Anderson. “It was his senior year and he wanted to be out there with the team and fight. So his willingness to fight for the team has really shown and people see that.”

Anderson’s drive for success doesn’t end on the court, and though he plays with tenacity and perseverance he also has a reputation on and off the court as genuine and easy-going.

“He is never up and down with his emotions, that’s an awesome thing to see in a friend, in a teammate, at that.” Patureau said. “If anyone has a serious issue they know they can go to him out of anyone on the team, he is a very sincere person. That translates to his relationship with the Lord, school, and basketball.”

Patureau’s view is shared by many of Anderson’s classmates and peers. Kayla Curtis, a sophomore at TMC, has only been in marketing with Anderson for half the semester and already recognizes his diligence and character-

“He is really focused and organized. He has been taking details very seriously and is willing to lead the group. That means doing the grunt work in order for us to have a successful project,” Curtis said, “He takes his academics very seriously. He has been more than willing to put in the time and effort to make things happen.”

Although Anderson’s first priority is his grades, there are things he would change and lessons he is thankful for.

“It took a lot of sacrifice, I even had to sacrifice relationships sometimes. I know that the lord still used the relationships I have and shapes who I am today,” Anderson said. “Looking back I wish I lessened my grip on school.”

One relationship in particular is about to become a life long commitment. His fiancé, Jacquelyn Marshall, has been a large part of Anderson’s college years.

“It’s a huge blessing, sometimes it can be a distraction like ‘Aw, I don’t want to do homework I just want to hang out’ but since she is in school as well,” Anderson said “We have helped each other be motivated. She is a great encourager.”

Anderson strives to continue honoring the Lord while he prepares for graduation. His perseverance and diligence has granted him success in many areas of his life, and he doesn’t plan for it to end here.

“I know that whatever I am going to do it will be to the best of my ability, so it’s not really ‘Oh I wanna be recognized I want fame’ I don’t really care about that.” Anderson said. “It’s a gift and ultimately I need to trust the Lord in that whatever comes my way He’ll bring about for my good.”

By Stacey Schuett

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