Annual “Montys” talent show lures 600 to Bross — By Katie Barton

The annual talent show at The Master’s College brought over 600 students together in Bross Gymnasium for a night of laughter and fellowship.

The Monty’s, previously known as Spring Sing, started as a small event about 20 years ago. Since then, it has evolved into one of the largest events on campus.

“The Monty’s…has been a longstanding tradition at TMC,” said Pete Bargas, associate dean of student life. “It’s another opportunity for us to collectively relax, laugh at ourselves, and acknowledge that there is much unrecognized talent among us.”

The night consisted of 11 musical acts, broken up by comments from Dylan Grimes, Christopher Sue and Steve Ross, this year’s panel of judges. Haley Veilleux and Ryan Bennett hosted the event, creating an upbeat atmosphere that mimicked an awards show.

Students participated by texting their votes for the best act at the end of the night. First, second and third place acts received cash prizes.

Josiah Owinyo, Mike Jackson, Daniel Nakamura, Stevie Noch, Zach Wullbrandt, Michael O’Brien, Andrew Bush, Sam Hebert and Ben Emberley made up an a cappella group that took home the $300 prize for first place.

The group performed an eight-minute Disney medley, complete with choreography and costumes, which kept the audience laughing and singing along.

“It was fun because we kept having faculty and students coming up to us afterwards and telling us how much they enjoyed our act,” Owinyo said. “I think the Monty’s give people the chance to be known. There are people who have legitimate talent and haven’t had the opportunity to connect with a lot of people.”

Students in attendance echoed Owinyo’s sentiment.

“It brings the campus together. The whole TMC community comes out, so it’s a good opportunity to meet people,” said junior Stephanie Ott.

Timothy Caballero, chairman of the event, credits the Monty’s success to the unity of the campus. His goal was to bring the school together, regardless of dorms and majors, for a night of fun.

“It’s different than a typical Friday night,” said Caballero. “Students don’t have to spend any money or plan in advance. They just show up to make easy memories with their friends.”

In the future, the leadership team hopes to see a greater variety of acts participate in the event.

By Katie Barton

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