Dorms brace for the calm after the storm – By Taylor Patrick

HotchkissHotchkiss Hall will quickly empty as students at The Master’s College move out for the summer, but what is left behind?

Four walls witness perpetual movement throughout the school year. Late night conversations, Netflix binge sessions and piles of homework fill the interior of Hotchkiss Hall at The Master’s College.

But the vivacious life of the dorm doesn’t last year round; there’s a transition students don’t see between spring semester and summer.

“It’s an interesting transition,” The Hotchkiss women’s Resident Director Hannah Johnson said, “Honestly it’s hard, because it’s all this hustle and bustle and tons of life and people running around. And toward the end of the semester it’s crazy and then all the sudden it goes dead.”

Students begin to stress toward the end of the semester as due dates creep up on them and leaving campus to go home becomes a reality. Random craft supplies students thought they would need fill drawers and an over abundance of notebooks and loose pieces of paper cover the desk and shelves.

Students are informed about the move out policy and flyers are taped to the Resident Assistants doors for the last 2-3 weeks of school. Trash cans begin to overflow and cardboard boxes line the hallways.

“After everyone moves out; I have to manage the fines, keys and work requests. Like getting your home ready before a vacation, so when you return you’re ready to jump back in,” Johnson said. “We have groups that come over the summer, like church camps, groups can rent out rooms to stay for different things over the summer, but Slight Hall is primarily summer housing.”

Hotchkiss goes quiet for a period, but part of the preparation responsibilities are given to the housekeeping staff.

The Hotchkiss men’s janitor Moises Gutierrez said, “We have to detail the rooms, shampoo the carpets, and take care of summer retreats. Those are the top three things among other projects that come up over the summer.”

This year marked the 50th anniversary for Hotchkiss and through the years the same theme runs throughout its hallways. Family. Any student living in Hotchkiss will respond with similar responses regarding the dorm: spirit, unity, and family.

“Hearing the excited screams and hellos of friends seeing each other. With Hotchkiss our dorm really is a family so it’s fun in a lot of ways to see the family aspect return in the fall.” Johnson said

For three months the dorm will recover from student life and prepare for a new school year.

By Taylor Patrick

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