Theatre Arts reveals 2015-2016 productions – By Emily Rader

fiddlerOn April 15, 30 students ran around the home of Tricia and Dave Hulet in search of hidden clues. Earlier that day, Tricia Hulet, director of TMC Theatre Arts, as well as assistant directors James Phillipps and Elisa Adams, had strategically taped quotes from the Spring 2016 show to inconspicuous areas in order for students to guess the upcoming production.

As some students searched, others worked on a crossword puzzle that revealed the fall 2015 play. Shouts from students with suggestions filled the air before the answer was revealed.

The fall play will be Crossing Delancey and in the spring, Fiddler on the Roof!

Crossing Delancey is set in modern day New York City and focuses on the relationship between and old woman and her granddaughter. The granddaughter’s pursuit of an independent life leads her to forget what it means to have real relationships, especially with her grandmother. It also raises the issue of valuing station over character. Meanwhile, her grandmother is trying to set her up with the Central Park pickle man, adding a thread of comedy to the premise.

“I’m really excited to do something totally modern,” Tricia Hulet said. “And I’m excited for the message of it because it’s something that we think through; like you’ve got to prioritize doing your job well, but at what stake?”

This script calls for a cast of five.

“I am looking forward to the fact that it is different than anything we’ve ever done which is fun and it will allow for a lot of creativity,” said Adams, the assistant director. “I think also the fact that it is smaller will make for a more intimate environment.”

Fiddler on the Roof follows a Jewish community being persecuted by the government, juxtaposed against a family who must navigate through changing traditions.

“What does family mean? What do our belief’s mean?” Tricia Hulet described the thematic questions presented. “With lots of fabulous music!”

“It’s bigger and it’s a classic and I think that it will excite a lot of the students on campus and people who haven’t been as involved and want to participate” said Adams. “The scale is bigger production-wise, creativity-wise, acting-wise, musically, all of it… it’s a challenge to take on, which is slightly daunting, but mostly exciting”

Both shows offer different ways for students to get involved. Aside from auditioning for the cast, students can gain experience in areas such as marketing, video production, graphic design, costuming, hair and makeup, props, set building, audio and light engineering and hospitality.

Tricia Hulet suggests that theatre involvement provides an opportunity to develop marketable skills that accent whatever field of study a student is pursuing.

“I think it helps round out your education … To be a part of something bigger than them, that’s community driven, working towards a goal together that serves someone besides them. I think its good to be reminded that there are other things going on that are bigger than you,” she said. “It’s a huge ministry from our campus to our community, and that’s a good thing to be a part of.”

“We’ve got two shows that are vastly different in aesthetics and creative concepts, but are really tied together story-wise” said TMC freshman Steven Inabnit. “It’s really exciting! I’m definitely going to be involved.”

Information on auditioning for the fall production and applying for crew will be posted in August.

By Emily Rader

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