Cudd, Arechiga lead a new crop of off-campus students – By Sierra Elm


Step by step, the new class of off-campus students entered the gym, led by their new commuter coordinators, Sergio Arechiga and Marie Cudd. Hoots and hollers flooded the gym as the opposing dorms tried to intimidate the students before the Master’s Cup began.

The off-campus students fought until the end, claiming their place in the race. They erupted with cheers as they were announced the second places winners. A chapter began in the lives of both the new students and their leaders, who were prepared to lead them to victory in the Master’s Cup as well as encourage them in their walk with Christ throughout the school year.

Having two new commuter coordinators will bring a fresh start to the the commuter life at The Master’s College (TMC).

For the past six years, there has been just one commuter coordinator, Steve Ross, tending to all the off-campus student’s needs, as well as multiple other jobs. Ross left his position as commuter coordinator in spring of 2015. Ross said that he received a job in a different ministry, but assured the off-campus (OC) students that commuters would get new coordinators before the following school year who would be able to commit more time serving the OC community.

With the fall semester approaching, the OC Servant Leadership Staff (SLS) members waited to hear the name of the new leaders they would be working with. Weeks before classes started, an email was received by the off campus SLS members announcing the new leaders; the return of Arechiga and the addition of Cudd to the Master’s team.

Arechiga graduated from TMC in spring of 2015, the same time Ross had left the college.

“It’s something God had put on my heart since my last year at Master’s. I thought it’d be cool to be an RD, but I also wanted to leave this place because I was so done with school, and the life here,” Arechiga said. “So, to be a commuter coordinator meant being able to separate myself from the life on campus, but still minister to college students in a way that I knew impacted me a lot and helped me become the man that I am right now and that God is shaping me to be.”

Cudd, on the other hand, was new to TMC, having grown up in South Carolina and graduating from Clemson University, S.C. She moved to Santa Clarita one week before she started ministering at the college.

“It’s cool for her because she brings a lot of outside ideas and challenges and questions that I’m just like ‘amen sister’ ‘cause that’s where we’re pretty similar.” Arechiga said.

Having worked with college students in the past, Cudd plans to bring new things to commuter life alongside Arechiga. They have already started small groups for the OC students and have planned events to bring OC students closer with the other on-campus dorms.

“Marie was awesome, but I really got to know Serge a lot better. I think I talked to him quite a few times, just about different things, just about life honestly and he’s really encouraging the whole time, especially being a new believer. It was great, it’s a great experience and I learned a lot.” Said Josh Glenn, sophomore, about the encouragement he received from Arechiga.

Reinventing “OC life” is only part of their game plan. They both desire to help guide students with the truth of the Gospel as they mature in their faith.

By Sierra Elm

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