Magician De Matteis conjures a good show – By Keith Brooks

Two hundred students squeezed into the English and History Center at The Master’s College, Oct. 9, for a comedy and magic show. The event was hosted to raise money for magician Jeremiah De Matteis so he could audition at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. A prospective member must submit an application and then perform at the Castle. An audition costs $420 plus an annual fee.

“I made enough.” De Matteis said.

Volunteers had to pull out more chairs as people showed up. By the end of the night, some people were still standing in the back. “It was a good turnout.” De Matteis said. “I’m still getting congratulations.”

Comedian Paul Newcomb was the first to perform, followed by De Matteis’ pupil, magician Pablo Bautista, and De Matteis’ mentor, magician Ryan Ramirez. After they finished performing, De Matteis came up.

“All … you have seen me preform is original material.” De Matteis said. He did five tricks including his signature trick with an orange. De Matteis made a volunteer’s card appear inside of an orange that he had on stage most of the show.

“Comedy and magic are both so weird.” Newcomb said. “That being said, they’re very opposite…When you are a comedian, the audience is usually on your side…I have to feel where the audience is and work with them, but a magician has to work against the audience.”

De Matteis worked against the audience for his final trick. De Matteis tied a deck of cards with a few rubber bands. He threw the deck into the audience and asked the person who caught it to peel back a card. He did this three times. Then he had the same three people stand up and he guessed their card. The first guess was right but the other two he got wrong. He said that he wanted to show the audience that magicians do mess up.

“I think people want to see a magician fail because, in a sense, they want to bring back the reality that the magic is not real.” De Matteis said. “They want to be reminded that it’s a trick.”

By Keith Brooks

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