TMC alumna Patrick at home as campus event coordinator – By Hannah Karlberg

Taylor Patrick

When most students walked across the stage at graduation in May, they weren’t anticipating being back on campus for another school year in the fall. Within a few months, recent graduate, Taylor Patrick transitioned from student to employee of The Master’s College. She traded in her dorm room in Hotchkiss for an office in Rutherford where she took on a new role.

“One night my dad asked me, if I could have any job what it would be and I said, ‘planning events for TMC.’”

This question was asked the night before Patrick saw the Campus Events Coordinator position was open.

Within a week of applying and interviewing, she had accepted the position and was welcomed as TMC’s newest staff member.

The events Patrick is responsible for planning include College View Weekend, The Stampede, Mondays at Master’s, Admitted Students Day, and President Scholarship Weekend. All of these events focus on prospective students or students who have already been admitted to the college.

“I’m putting on events that show off a place that I already love,” Patrick said. “It’s not just the job that’s really cool. It’s everything that surrounds it.”

Patrick values the people she works alongside most in her new job. She is encouraged by her co-workers and recognizes her reliance on them for an event to be successful.

“One person might be titled the coordinator,” Patrick said when asked what she has learned about planning events. “But it seriously takes a team. You need people to have helped you beforehand and helping you during.”

Patrick thrives in this position because appreciates the TMC community and enjoys putting on events that promote it.

By Hannah Karlberg

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