Holiday decor rings in the season for Hotchkiss – By Zach Klindworth


The holiday season is upon us. During this time of the year, all dormitories and student life are at an emotional high. Students are stringing lights, hanging decorations and blaring Christmas music through the dorm hallways.

But apart from the joyous feelings the holidays bring, The Master’s College campus would not be as festive without the student community coming together and decorating the dorm lounges; Hotchkiss lounge in particular.

In the early evening of Nov. 22, the Hotchkiss lounge was as normal. Students were studying, chatting with friends or just passing through. But as the night drew on, it was as if an explosion of Christmas cheer and festivities erupted.

“I was just sitting in the lounge doing homework and all of a  sudden, student upon student started pouring in with lights, Christmas trees, spray paint and every Christmas decoration you could think of. Music started blaring and everyone started decorating the lounge from head to toe” said Hotchkiss resident Brad Armstrong.

For the working students, there was no better excuse for them to abandon all their studies to help. As the music rang throughout the lounge, students flooded from every entrance to help.

“I was just sitting with some of my friends when all the excitement began. It was so cool to see all of the people working in harmony with the decorations set up” said TMC student Kellian Ahearn.

With the dorms already decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, the remainder of the semester won’t be as strenuous as one would think.

“I hate finals week,” said sophomore Anallyce Hagopian. “But when I am in an environment such as this where the lights are shinning bright and Christmas cheer is all around campus, it puts my mind at ease and I can focus a little bit harder.”

By Zach Klindworth

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