TMC’s new men’s choir making a name for itself on campus — and off — By Keith Brooks

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For the first time, The Master’s College has an official men’s choir. Started by Hotchkiss resident director Siona Savini, the choir consists of 21 men. The choir performed for the first time at Church of the Canyons and then again at TMC chapel last month.

“I was so proud this morning.” Savini said after they performed at chapel.

The men’s choir sang again at the Christmas concerts.

“It’s really encouraging…where the Lord has brought us,” said choir member Jonathan Libby.

Another choir member, Christopher Enloe, said, “There are spots where we need to hone it in.”

After the Christmas concert, Savini plans on holding auditions during finals week for those interested in being a part of the choir next semester.

“I would love for it to double,” Savini said of the choir. “[I’d love to] maintain a 40-member men’s choir.”

Everyone in the choir is a volunteer. Students take time out of their day each Monday to practice with the group. Because most of the members are also a part of Chorale or Collegate, Savini hopes that soon the new choir will be recognized as a credited class for the music department to provide an extra incentive to join.

When Savini stepped down from leading chapel band in the 2014 school year he was freed up to think about other projects. He brought the idea of a men’s choir to Dr. Plew and this year he approved it.

“The music department has been very supportive,” Savini said.

If the choir continues to do well, they will prove themselves as a needed group on campus.

“We’re a baby,” said Curt McClure, also a member. “Since we’re still new we have a lot of room for development.”

The men’s choir will be singing next at the Truth and Life conference Jan. 13-15.

By Keith Brooks

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