TMCprobz: The school’s student-driven Instagram presence – By Gabrielle Colón


“It kind of started as a joke,” TMCprobz creator says. Almost 650 followers and 107 posts later, it is a hit.

Instagram accounts for comedic commentary on campus affairs have grown in popularity at The Master’s College over the past couple of years and students and faculty seem to be taking a particular liking to this one.

Master’s sophomore Jordan Hargrove thinks TMCprobz stands out because “they’re relatable and they take suggestions from people.”

“They do a good job of pointing out very obvious scenarios that everybody sees everyday… I think it’s hilarious,” says student Wesley Chenette. “They pull out the stereotypes and it’s just so true.”

“I love TMCprobz!” shouts sophomore Abby Montilla. “They don’t even know how much joy they bring to the campus. I go through the feed every single night before I go to sleep and they’re all so relatable and I laugh all the time.”

The sophomore who runs the account started it Nov. 2014 when she wanted to post a funny clip on Instagram with a comment on something Master’s related, but didn’t want the recognition for it on her own profile. She thought of making an entire page for similar posts and, with the encouragement of hall-mates and friends, she made TMCprobz.

“I’ll just keep it up for as long as it will last,” she had thought. “It’ll probably just die out…”

But it didn’t die out. It has passed its first birthday and is still growing in popularity everyday. According to a social media analytics website Iconosquare, TMCprobz currently gains an average of three followers per day—gaining the most on days with new posts.

The Instagram account is based on lighthearted entertainment through memes about campus society, but its creator and manager says it’s more than that—it unites the campus through humor. “…if there’s a funny thing in chapel, or a funny thing in the café,” she says, “taking those and being able to unite our student body in a way [is my favorite part].”

TMC sophomore, Vanessa Kingery followed TMCprobz when they followed her months ago.

“I think they’re really funny and relatable,” she says. “I think it’s cool that they take submissions from people… they always post stuff right after it happens… they made a joke about something said in chapel and… everyone was in chapel and everyone understood; it was just kind of like a campus thing… it promotes unity—I heard a bunch of people talking about the post. It’s just really fun for there to be an account for us to post funny things that basically just happen at Master’s because [it’s] just such a unique environment…”

TMCprobz followers include students of every gender, dorm, age, class level, major and race. The vice president of student life Joe Keller, alumni and future Mustangs follow the account as well.

This diverse range of followers receiving the same content provides a platform for unity on campus. So many people from so many backgrounds are laughing at the same memes when this Wednesday’s chapel theme was taboo or the food in the cafeteria on Friday wasn’t a campus favorite. Dorm stereotypes disappear within the comment box of a picture-turned-meme of Professor Jensen. People comment their favorite quotes from the general education history professor and most everyone understands.

The unity travels off campus when alumni follow the page and remember the experiences they had at Master’s. TMC faculty and staff can relate to students by seeing what they always loved and laughed about the college. Some professors might find they’re a favorite. Other professors might find their exams are feared by many. Joe Keller might find he’s very quotable.

Since TMCprobz’s following has grown, its posts mainly come from follower submissions. Its creator attributes the account’s universal nature to this. She says “[submissions come] from so many different people and from so many different groups. This person who’s in a really popular group of friends, he’ll send something in and this girl who’s really quiet will send something in. And with everyone’s ideas… it’s just a really cool thing.”

By Gabrielle Colón

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