Theatre Arts rehearsing for Fiddler on the Roof – By Kailey Richardson


Twirling dancers. Jumping feet. Tales told in melodious harmonies. Spotlights and stages. This is the magic of musicals. This spring, The Master’s College welcomes back a full musical for the first time in 17 years. Director Tricia Hulet, along with her co-directors James Phillipps and Elisa Adams, will be putting on the classic, Fiddler on the Roof.

The show has a special place in Hulet’s heart as it is the first show she was a part of during her time as a student at TMC. It was also during her time that the theatre program got shut down until she returned as a faculty member and rebooted it.

The theatre arts program has come a long way. Shows that used to require seven crew-members now require 48. The stage has evolved from simple to complex and abstract. Sets used to be one wall with paint and a window. Last year, during the production of Great Expectations, the set had three levels, real moss, bushes and two massive trees that had been used in actual movies, such as Star Trek. TMC theatre arts is now branching into a new genre.

“These guys and gals we’ve got slated to be in this production are quality students, and the three of us are itching to start working with them”, said assistant director, James Phillipps.

They plan on putting together a live orchestra of both student and professional musicians. TMC Alumnus Taylor Arnone is being brought on as the music director and junior Sabrina Michaels will be the choreographer.

Hulet relayed that musicals will only be done every five years for various reasons. Yet, the student body and community anticipate this new step for The Master’s College.

Phillipps stated, “It’s changed quite a bit in presentation, but what I love about TMC Theatre is that it hasn’t changed a bit at the core. The commitment to Christ and excellence that Tricia and Kellie instilled in the program that first year still characterize it today.”

By Kailey Richardson

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