The Master’s University reaches maximum View Weekend attendance – By Caleb Lacefield


The Master’s University admissions staff closed registration early for their Fall semester View Weekend—a chance for prospective students to experience life at Master’s—as all available room was filled to capacity.

  About 120 students and 65 parents signed up, maxing out the available Student Leadership Staff (SLS) that prospects stay with, before the Admissions office closed registration. Master’s experienced a significant jump from last year’s numbers when only 78 people attended.

   “Our counselors have worked really hard to convince these students why it’s worthwhile,” said Madison Currie, the Director of Admissions. “If they’re looking for a Christian education and a place where they can grow in community, we know that they’ll be sold on a weekend here. We thought it was really important to push that hard this year, and we’re seeing the benefits.”

  Prospective students, or Viewees as the university calls them, attend a TMU basketball game, a concert, classes, chapel, and seminars.

  “The basketball game was really fun. It was my ultimate favorite, but I had a lot of other favorites,” said Grace Julian, a prospective student. “My host was really nice; we went to In-N-Out on the first night, and we went to breakfast together both days.”

  According to Currie, stories like that are what the university is striving for.

  “The goal is to give the students that come the most accurate picture of what being a student at Master’s would be like,” Currie said. “We want to give them an accurate picture of dorm life, classes, chapel, athletic events; anything that students do here.”

  Although lacking a firm statistical figure, Currie believes at least 50 percent of prospects who attend View Weekend enroll at Master’s. This number makes View Weekend crucial to the influx of incoming students each year, according to Currie.

  “I think the reason View Weekend is so important for us is it’s hard sometimes to differentiate ourselves from other Christian universities, because they’re all saying the same thing, in terms of who they say they are. … So for them to come and experience that, that’s why we see so many students turn into actual enrolled students next year. They say, ‘Finally, I found a school that is about spiritual development and elite academics. … What my counselor said was actually true,’” Currie said.

  According to Daniel Christensen, a member of SLS as a Resident Assistant, students also recognized the importance of View Weekend.

  “I think to keep good numbers of incoming students coming to Master’s, View Weekend is vital because it’s not just a campus tour and you visit a class. You get to stay in the dorms. The dorm life and community we have at Master’s is, honestly, the biggest selling point,” Christensen said.

  Current students are the heartbeat of the community and are essential to the success of View Weekend, Currie said.

  “One thing I would like current students to know: prospective students are here, they’re looking at current students and deciding if that’s what they want to be,” said Currie. “If they see someone with a lanyard and blue folder, take the time to introduce yourself. If you have an extended conversation, then let them know why you chose Master’s and, obviously, as well, why did you choose to come back every year.”

  Master’s could see substantial growth if current students play their part.

  “If current students would take the time to do that, I would expect to see 80 plus percent of the students to come next year.”

  To fulfill that responsibility, SLS students attended a mandatory seminar on hospitality.

  “Maddie Currie walked us through, ‘What does it look like to be hospitable?’ He gave us a cheat sheet with nine tips for being hospitable to a Viewee. Honestly, one of the most helpful seminars I’ve ever been in, just about hospitality for all of life, not just View Weekend.” said Christensen.

  According to Christensen, students gave an accurate reflection of who they were and what they cared about to Viewees.

  “On one of the nights we took our Viewees down to Diddy Reese and hung out in Westwood for awhile, But we also too them to classes and said, ‘Alright, now is the time we are going to focus on our academics and our education.’ And we also did a short Bible study with our Viewees and tried to encourage them from God’s Word and show them that side of life as Master’s student,” he said.

  These experiences and more have helped influence the decision for some prospects.

  “View Weekend has made me want to go more. I got a lot of questions asked so I now know even more about the school, so I want to go more,” Julian said. “It made me want to work harder to go.”

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